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Milan, Italy.

Опубликована Программа сателлитных симпозиумов EURETINA2012 (6-9 сентября, Милан, Италия).

Focusing on the Patient: Individualised Treatment for Wet AMD
Friday 7 September 10:00 – 11:00 | Room: Red Hall 1 & 2

Moderators: F.  Holz GERMANY

. M. Larsen DENMARK
The Evolution of Wet AMD Management: Past, Present and Future
Informing Therapy and Dosing Choices in Wet AMD Through Emerging Data
Building on our Understanding of the Safety of Anti-VEGF Therapy in Wet AMD
. Panel Discussion and Audience Questions

The Argus ® II Retinal Prosthesis, the New Treatment Pathway for Retinitis 
Pigmentosa and Future Perspectives
Friday 7 September 10:00 – 11:00 | Room: White Hall 1

R. Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D., President of Second Sight Medical Products, 
G. Cosendai Ph.D., VP Europe of Second Sight Medical Products

. S. Rizzo ITALY
What can be Done Today for Retinitis Pigmentosa, The New Treatment Pathway
. J. A. Sahel FRANCE
What are the Future Prospects for Retinal Prostheses


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Management of Retinal Disease, Today and in the Future
Friday 7 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: Red Hall 1 & 2

Moderators: F. Bandello ITALY, G. Coscas FRANCE
13.00 - Welcome
. 13:03 - W. Drexler AUSTRIA
Diagnosis of Retinal Disease, Today and in the Future
. 13:15 - J. Ambati USA
Inflammation in Retinal Disease - New Insights
. 13:27 - F. Bandello ITALY 
Management of RVO – Efficacy and Safety
. 13:37 - A. Loewenstein ISRAEL
RVO in Clinical Practice
. 13:48 - A. Tufail UK
Management of RVO – What Does it Mean for the Health Care System and our Patients
. 13.58 
Conclusion & Close

Stellaris PC: Fundamentals + Futures. Complex Cases and Insights into Innovation
Friday 7 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: Blue Hall 1

Moderator: Y. Le Mer FRANCE
13.00 - Welcome & Introduction
. 13.05 - F. Fayyad JORDAN
Versatility in Approaches to Managing Complex Cases
. 13.20 - R. Sheard UK
Highlights and Contrast: Insights in Illumination
. 13.35 - B. Parolini ITALY
Innovation in Challenging Cases
. 13.50 - All Panel Q&A

Innovative Improvements for Retinal Imaging Diagnosis and Laser Treatment
Friday 7 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: Yellow Hall 3

Moderator: E.  Midena ITALY

. D. Wechsler AUSTRALIA
Clinical Application of New NIDEK OCT
. E.  Midena ITALY
Clinical Application of New NIDEK OCT Retina and Choroid
. S.  Prasad UK
Multicolor Scan Laser Photocoagulator Provides Efficiencies in the Clinic

The Evolution of RVO Management with Ranibizumab: Applying the Evidence to the Clinic
Friday 7 September 18.15 | Room: Red Hall 1 & 2

Moderator: I. Pearce UK

. I. Pearce UK
Perspectives on the Management of RVO: The Rationale for Anti VEGF Therapies
. F. Boscia ITALY
Advances in the Management of RVO: Outcomes from Clinical Trials
. D. Brown USA
Lessons from the Clinic: Current Challenges in RVO Management and the Role of Ranibizumab
. Panel Discussion and Audience Questions

Latest Trends in Surgical and Medical Retina
Saturday 8 September 10:00 – 11:00 | Room: Red Hall 1 & 2

Moderator: A. Augustin GERMANY

. C. Claes BELGIUM
Challenging Surgical Cases with MIVS
. S. Rizzo ITALY 
New Ultra High-Speed Vitrectomy Probe Technology
. A. Tufail UK
Role of Enzymatic Vitreolysis to Resolve Vitreomacular Traction
. A. Augustin GERMANY
Pharmacologic Management of Macular Holes
. Panel discussion

EVA by DORC,  a New Dimension in Vitreoretinal Surgery
Saturday 8 September 10:00 – 11:00 | Room: Blue Hall 1

. C. Eckardt GERMANY
My First Experience with EVA
. F. Pavlidis GERMANY
New Technologies in 27G Surgery
. P. Stalmans BELGIUM, J. van Calster BELGIUM
Live Surgery EVA Hands-on Techniques
Posterior Dyes
. G. Pertile ITALY
High Myopic Surgery


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Long-Term Outcomes with Ranibizumab in DME: Implications for Individualised Patient Management
Saturday 8 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: Red Hall 1 & 2

Moderator: F.Bandello ITALY

. Introduction           
. U. Schmidt-Erfurth GERMANY
Long-Term Outcomes with Ranibizumab: Results from the RESTORE Study
. S. Bressler USA
Ranibizumab in Combination with Laser: Long-Term Results from DRCR.net Protocol I
. F. Bandello ITALY
A DME Casebook: Application of Ranibizumab in Individualized Care
. Panel Discussion and Audience Questions

Exploring Novel Options for Wet AMD Therapy
Saturday 8 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: Blue Hall 1

Moderators: P. Lanzetta ITALY, G. Staurenghi ITALY

. 13.00 - Moderators
. 13.05 - G. Staurenghi ITALY
The Burden of wAMD and Impact of anti-VEGF Therapies
. 13.20 - J. F Korobelnik FRANCE
Clinical Trial Results
. 13.40 - P. Stanga UK
Balance of the Evidence in wAMD Management
. 13.55 - Chairman
. 14.00

New Dimensions in Ophthalmic Imaging
Saturday 8 September 13:00 – 14:00 | Room: White Hall 1

Moderator: S.Schulz GERMANY (Heidelberg Engineering GmbH)

SPECTRALIS MultiColor and More
. A. Scheuerle GERMANY
A New Paradigm in Glaucoma Diagnosis
Novel Techniques in Retinal Imaging

Oraya Therapy – A Significant Advance in the Treatment of Wet AMD
Saturday 8 September 18.15 | Room: White Hall 1

Moderator: T. Jackson UK

. 18.00 - Room Opens

18.15 - Refreshments
. 18:30 - F. Bandello ITALY
 Welcome and Introduction
. 18:35 - D. Moshfeghi USA   Oraya Therapy Overview
. 18:45 - U. Chakravarthy UK  
Ionising Radiation and nvAMD: Radiobiological Considerations
. 18.55 - T. Jackson UK
INTREPID Data and Its Significance
. 19.05 - U. Chakravarthy UK
Angiographic and Tomographic Outcomes in the INTREPID Study
. 19.15 - A. Luff UK
Implementation of the Oraya Therapy in the United Kingdom
. 19.25 - J. Taylor USA
Concluding Remarks
. 19.30 - Refreshments
. 19.45 - Adjourn

Topcon Retina Symposium
Saturday 8 September 18.15 - 19.15 | Room: Blue Hall 1

Moderator: P. Stanga UK

. P. Stanga UK
Sub Threshold Treatment of the Retina with PASCAL
. J. M. Ruíz Moreno SPAIN
Choroidal Imaging Topcon DRI OCT-1
. F. Balta ROMANIA
OMS-800 OFFISS Visualisation for 25 G High Speed Vitrectomy
. U. Vossmerbäumer GERMANY
Glaucoma Analysis and OCT Screening
. P. Stanga UK
Imaging the Vitreous and the Vitreoretinal Interface – Topcon DRI OCT-1


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